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TwelveRed236 days ago(+5)(-1)

Hey, in the character creation can you please add the option to make male characters look more masculine and maybe add an option to have the messy hair style but change the color to brown instead? Or maybe just the option to choose hair color and style separately? Please take this into consideration and thank you


MEGAknight3419259 days ago (2 edits)

help I don't know how to beat the sleeping werebat nvm I got it

I got to Dramnock


Komaru Ootori261 days ago

I can't seem to find the nimble climber skill even after I am pass lvl 5. Is there some other requirements to unlocking the skill?


James223271 days ago

this would be so much better if it was onwindows.


QueenRi275 days ago(+1)

Cries my save file that I put over 12 hrs into is gone and I can't find my downloaded save. Ah well have to restart then.


NihilZeroth275 days ago

Is there a way to transfer a save file from web browser to the installed game version?


Textual Deviant283 days ago(+1)(-1)

Question: What is the depth of the pregnancy system?


TrashyFan292 days ago

Game blocking bug in the web version- I screwed around with exploring the wrong way on day 1. I missed all the flags for Nooks, and while he SAYS he will go to the "slime nests" I have confirmed a few times that the room with gears on the floor is the "dungeon" and he is nowhere to be found. I have tried breeding with slimes. I have tried losing to slimes. I have gotten to level 20 desperately trying to make Nooks spawn and get the stuff to make a 2nd level of the dungeon in hopes THAT works. Nothing.


Titans66296 days ago(+1)(-1)

Wish that there was a way to tame a harpy girl so I could have a dungeon floor made for harpies


FilteredRiddle312 days ago

FYI - The Mona breeding encounter isn’t updated for a male-to-hermaphroditic Greater Slime MC. The MC body references are all for the pre-reshape character.


brusingbloom64312 days ago

i dont know if this helps but i found this on the borwser debug console tap because same thing happend to me i cant play the game on the webComments 232 to 193 of 273 (1)


Hashiro_428317 days ago

the browser version on mine wont load any tips on how to fix this?


V_Crimson77317 days ago

You cant observe a mosquir summoner without a error popping up in the browser version


Titans66319 days ago (1 edit) (-1)

Hi guys can anyone help me with the goblin girl toebiter to join the dungeon floor please cause I tried to recruit her but is forcing me to fight her to death does anyone have any suggestions?

Also in my opinion being a human being should have the ability to Rockwall as well cause back in my bush hometown there steep hills and valleys that requires you to use hands and feet to climb up these steep hills. Cause let me tell you they are not easy but is do able


Vilinsky322 days ago

How i can open the gate with lever 2?


Dyuu325 days ago(+1)

Hope there will be more new hairstyles in the future :> You did a great job. I can’t imagine how much you tried.


Someone_Else_Again346 days ago


in the prolgue, I for some reason was able to go into the basem*nt of the office building, despite it being the prologue


V_Crimson77354 days ago (6 edits)

I saw a thing about werecats getting a skill at level 5 but i was wondering what weredogs get

Edit: I can't seem to find the flamewalker ring

Edit:nvm I'm up to date now, just waiting for the next update


pain23357 days ago

Ilove the game I just wish Icould be more than just half human things but other than that Ireally enjoy the game


xinea1 year ago

This was a fun text based game! I have one question about the rockwalking skill as I saw in the wiki that it's available for werecats at level 5, but even when I'm past that I don't see it available for purchase?


MaskedEngie1 year ago

I seem to have gotten into a bit of a stump - I need to go to the large crypt, but can't seem to find a way there since the gate doesn't open from my side and I've wandered around the graveyard for good five minutes. Help?


Mojibake1 year ago(+3)

how do i access the cheat menu?


J_Boi12661 year ago (1 edit) (+1)

I first discovered this game when it was very new and had little content, but knew it was certainly going to be interesting. After playing it again after about a year, I can safely say this is one of the top 5 NSFW games I've ever played. The art is very well done, and the writing is certainly better than most of the games out there. There is a lot of lore, and it feels like a very immersive experience. There are a few problems I have had with it, though.

First, the UI is a bit clunky and irritating to use. All the text seems to blend together, making it difficult to easily look through all my stuff. Some color could help more 'important' things stick out. When there are a lot of things in range of an attack, the list of options is bloated by how many options say [not a combatant] making combat feel a lot slower. If I can't target it, why include it in the list?The spell/ability list has the same issue of being really long, this could be fixed by making a few quickslots to swiftly activate favorite spells and items. Selling all the junk I pick up takes a while too, it would be convenient if I could sell multiple stacks of itemsat a time.

Second, there are a few things I dislike about the gameplay. The map is irritatingly small. I found a setting in the menu that I thought would enlarge the map, but it didn't seem to do anything .(Maybe I just did something wrong?) Second, it is really annoying when I find a good piece of equipment, but it makes my character look incredibly mismatched. (Like, who wears only a maid skirt and not the whole uniform?) The two ways I can think to fix this are either adding a cosmetic items section ora location where I can transfer equipment stats to another. There are also a lot of abilities unavailable in boss fights, making them not as useful as they could be.

Third, just some general issues. There is a lot of content blocked by not having the right body parts, perhaps there could be a way to somehow obtain this other part, like how a certain goblin who shall not be named for spoiler reasons can change your vagin* into a penis for a single 'activity.' In an older version, I found that I could give myself both genitalia in an older versionby downloading my save, editing both the string values for havingeither part to true, and importing the save, but I haven't checked if that's been patched yet. I have also found one continuity error in the game. If you go find Mona before finishing the Graveyard dungeon, in one of her scenes it references Primilla before you have even met her. Apart from that, I have also noticed a few typos, but they'll probably be fixed eventually.

I didn't mean for this to be so long, and I hope this didn't come off as being rude. I really enjoy this game and am excited to see where it goes.

EDIT: just discovered there is in fact a way to move enchantments from one piece to another, probably should've finished the game all the way before writing my review :/


Titans661 year ago(-1)

Is there a way to get a bee girl to join the heram or harpy?


x-lksk1 year ago(+3)

It says a lot about our world that seemingly everyone agrees that a simultaneously anarchic yet megalomaniacal cult of violent perverts who openly admit that they are evil would be a preferable system of government to the corporatocracy/oligarchy-posing-as-democracy running things now.

Anyway, great game! The three or four different forms of combat are all a bit too separated from each other to work well together, but individually all are fine, and that's really the only serious complaint I have. Fantastic writing in a setting that is surprisingly original (considering that it is mostly just the result of merging a couple pre-existing common genres). Good art, good sex scenes, mostly good gameplay aside from the one gripe above, and great pacing for the various quests and sidequests.


chichi2000fgh1 year ago(+4)

this game reminds me alot of the fenoxo games, but it's definitely unique enough to have it's own separate place in my head, very nice. one thing Iwould like to mention is that currently you're punished in story fights for trying to do anything other than a strength-based build because you can't use combat abilities in them, so maybe either add a basic combat skill that works based on the other weapon types or just make basic attacks scale off a different stat based on what weapon you have equipped. currently I'm going for a mage and getting into an enemy encounter is effectively a failstate for me against enemies Ican 1-2 shot from the map


Nevisivi1 year ago

How do I cheat myself into having rockwalking?


Titans661 year ago

Hi Nranchs do you know how to recruit toebiter into gang


Tinsley History Nerd1 year ago(+1)

Hey Nranchs, do you have any plans to add more player races? If you do, I'd like to see a satyr race in the game, thanks!


Titans661 year ago

Hi Nranchs is there anything I can find the rock walking skills to climb of the rock?


ShadesOfFantasy1 year ago(+1)

Can the male arachnids impregnate you? I've been trying and trying to get knocked up by one of them and I haven't managed it, yet the moment I give up and go play with a slime, I'm slime-pregnant. Are they just not available yet or have I just had bad luck?


MaeriMDaezr1 year ago

You are not let the Android and IOS to play that right?


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