State unemployment lowers to 3% in May (2024)

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State unemployment lowers to 3% in May (11)

Tennessee marked a milestone in May when the statewide unemployment rate dropped to a historic low level and set a record, according to the Department of Labor and Workforce Development (TDLWD).

The rate decreased by 0.1 of a percentage point between April and May to 3% and made history by besting any jobless number since the Federal Government began tracking the statistic in 1976.

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State unemployment lowers to 3% in May (2024)


Why is the unemployment rate going down? ›

The big picture: The U.S. labor market has loosened up as more workers enter the labor force. The labor supply rebound has helped ease inflationary pressures, while lingering demand on the part of businesses has kept the national rate low.

What are some reasons that may be causing unemployment rates to increase or decrease? ›

There are many reasons for unemployment. These include recessions, depressions, technological improvements, job outsourcing, and voluntarily leaving one job to find another.

Why do some states have lower unemployment rate? ›

By and large, the statistical results show that unemploy- ment rates are lowest in those states with: (1) favorable Industrial composition, (2) a lower-than-average degree of unionization, and (3) a lower-than-average proportion of Black population.

What has caused a decrease in unemployment? ›

A rapidly aging population—as is occurring in many advanced economies today—also countributes to fewer people in the job market and lower unemployment.

What is the unemployment rate in May? ›

In May, the US unemployment rate increased to 4%, a rate that hadn't been seen since January 2022. Still, job growth remained strong in May, coming in at an estimated net gain of 272,000. Economists largely expect that job gains cooled off in June. As of Tuesday, FactSet consensus estimates are for a 190,000 net gain.

What state has the lowest unemployment rate? ›

North Dakota

Which US state has the highest unemployment rate currently? ›

The District of Columbia had the highest unemployment rate, 5.3 percent, closely followed by California, 5.2 percent, and Nevada, 5.1 percent.

What is a good unemployment rate? ›

What's a good unemployment rate? A reasonable unemployment rate is somewhere between 3% and 5%. When unemployment is low, workers are usually paid more and will spend more, which is good for the economy.

What are four factors that affect unemployment? ›

Factors that determine the unemployment rate include economic development, demographic changes, educational attainment, gender, wage, inflation, and government policies.

What state has the worst unemployment benefits? ›

The bottom five states—California, Alaska, North Carolina, Arizona and Florida—had lower average weekly benefits relative to their cost of living. It's important to note that some states have benefit periods that can fluctuate depending on their unemployment rate.

What state pays the highest unemployment benefits? ›

In the USA, Massachusetts, Washington, and Minnesota offer the best unemployment benefit payments. These are the five entities with the highest maximum payments: Massachusetts: $1,051 per week. Washington: $999 dollars a week.

What state has the best economy? ›

"Washington claims the top spot as the best state economy, driven by substantial investment in research and development, a high concentration of high-tech jobs, and a robust startup ecosystem," WalletHub analyst Cassandra Happe told FOX Business.

What is the cause of the decrease in unemployment rate? ›

The sharp fall in the official unemployment rate in the second quarter was a temporary anomaly, reflective of the national lockdown that impeded people's ability to actively search for work, together with a number of classification and measurement challenges encountered by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) when ...

Is a 3 unemployment rate good? ›

The level at which unemployment equals positive output is highly debated. However, economists suggest that as the U.S. unemployment rate gets below 5%, the economy is very close to or at full capacity. So at 3.5% one could argue the level of unemployment is too low, and the U.S. economy is becoming inefficient.

What was the worst unemployment rate in the United States history? ›

Unemployment was most severe in 1933 in Michigan, which also stands at the head of the array of the 1930-33 average with a rate of 35.9 percent.

Why is the US labor force participation rate falling? ›

Most of the drop in trend LFP is due to changes in the composition of the population, especially aging of the population. Looking ahead, we estimate that aggregate trend LFP will decline approximately 1 additional percentage point over the next decade, driven primarily by population aging.

What factors contributed to the current decline in the rate of unemployment? ›

This decline in the unemployment rate trend has been driven by downward trends in the entry rates into unemployment, both from employment and from OLF, likely due to population aging, better quality matches between workers and jobs, and other structural factors.

Is low unemployment rate good for the economy? ›

Low unemployment is usually regarded as a positive sign for the economy. A very low a rate of unemployment, however, can have negative consequences, such as inflation and reduced productivity.

Why is the unemployment rate wrong? ›

The unemployment rate isn't an accurate measure of joblessness simply because it doesn't consider everyone who doesn't have a job. That's why many economic experts instead focus on what's known as the real unemployment rate.


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