TNT Showtime - TNT Dinar Activeboard - RayRen98 - Raymond Renfrow (2024)

Raymond Renfrow, TNT Tony’s brother, was on the TNT Showtime Open Mic, the call information is here:
712-770-4180 Pin 141276

Please make sure you save the phone number. If they change it, we will simply update this message because the FBI is investigating the Iraqi Dinar revaluation.

Ray gets pretty dirty on the call, talking about bump and grind, dominatrix, whips and chains. Pretty strange talk like things about spanking. This call was recording from the night following TNT Tony’s return to live radio (12/9/2016) until the early morning hours of 12/10/2016. Again, the phone number as well as the pin is above.

TNT Showtime RayRen98 of TNT Dinar Raymond Renfrow

Below are some other videos from the RayRen98 Raymond Renfrow YouTube Channel

TNT Dinar | Raymond Renfrow | RayRen98 Presentation – now, this has nothing to do with dinar updates or intel, but the call is classic RayRen98 where he is presenting a 90 day challenge. Check the YouTube video below for one of the full calls he used to do back in 2006.

TNT Dinar Raymond Renfrow Concept Marketing International Conference Call 2006 Rayren98 – if you are at all curious what happened to Raymond Renfrow as a result of his involvement with Concept Marketing International, just click the link below, and hopefully, people don’t fall for Ray’s scams like what he did with Concept Marketing International, see this from the justice department:

The TNT Dinar website is down, so if you don’t have access to the TNT Activeboard , then you might have to just wait for updates from members.

Check out these court documents on Ray, this is page one:

Here are more websites on TNT Dinar and Raymond Renfrow:– Please see how there is a connection between 14 Daily Plus and Raymond Renfrow. website about different currencies, but mainly focuses on the Iraqi Dinar scam. so not a real Red Cross website, but it does warn you about the IQD RV Scam, so check it out. runs this website, he name is Debra, as she revealed on a recent dinar update call that Dave Schmidt had live.– Run by Nick Giammarino, goes into his distain for TNT Tony. the lies of Ray’s brother TNT Tony. site by Nick that exposes Tony Renfrow. used to be the old website that Tony ran, it was since purchased by Nick Giammarino– This site is great for real Iraqi Dinar news. The members moderate it well and if something is too offensive, the members speak up. Great site.

RayRen98 Conclusion

The conclusion on Raymond Renfrow is this:

Ray is not going to stop anytime soon. He continues to promote his wealth retention seminars at around $500 as I just received this today:

December, 2016



TNT Showtime - TNT Dinar Activeboard - RayRen98 - Raymond Renfrow (3)

TNT Showtime - TNT Dinar Activeboard - RayRen98 - Raymond Renfrow (4)

TNT Showtime - TNT Dinar Activeboard - RayRen98 - Raymond Renfrow (5)


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2016 in San Antonio, TX – 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Of course, if we see an RV prior to this date, the venue COULD change andyou will be refunded your registration fee upon request or whatever decision you choose to exercise.

If you are prepared to move forward on this notice, follow these important steps:

1. Go to to register online.

Select “Pay By Credit Card” or choose the “Payment Plan” option.

2. AFTER COMPLETING PAYMENT: Via email, send your registration information (Name, Spouse Name, Address and Telephone Number) to

3. If you are paying for additional people, repeat step 2 with corresponding information.

Registration of $495 (fees may apply)is PER PERSON. Married couples (married to each other) pay as one person.

A copy of your marriage certificate will be required at sign-in/registration time.


Registration is PER INDIVIDUAL PERSON, not couples.

Go to

Complete STEP 2 above and you will receive further instructions via email.

TNT Showtime - TNT Dinar Activeboard - RayRen98 - Raymond Renfrow (6)


Coming in the new year….

Get ready, get ready, get ready…………to sail away!!
Come and get your “education on” at sea while we cruise
the Caribbean! The Caymans, Jamaica, Mexico … name it, we’re doing it in 2017!

Watch for more details in a separate communication. 🙂

That is the end of his email regarding his wealth class. Would love to hear from those who attended, seems to me that Ray is not qualified to even have classes like this, just look at some of the court documents on Raymond Renfrow posted above.

Thanks for reading, please share this.

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  • TNT Showtime - TNT Dinar Activeboard - RayRen98 - Raymond Renfrow (7) TNT Dinar Activeboard
    • TNT Showtime Activeboard – RayRen98 Open Mic Private Talk

TNT Showtime - TNT Dinar Activeboard - RayRen98 - Raymond Renfrow (2024)


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